Enjoy the Mile End Montreal Food Tour.

Romantic things to do in Montreal

Finding the perfect date spot can be a little… daunting. There’s the pressure to have a fun and romantic time, the search for a conversation-starter kind of place, combined with those pesky lovey-dovey thoughts (that often cloud decision making) have been known to induce quasi panic attacks in some.  Especially if you’re not familiar with the area. If you’re one of these overwhelmed individuals, seeking for a session of hand holding and romance, here is our list top 10 Romantic things to do in Montreal. It’s the finest selection of activities in Montreal for couples and lovers, locals and travellers.

12. Enjoy a day at the Spa: Bota Bota

romantic things to do in montreal
Photo credit: Bota Bota

This ferry-turned-spa is the perfect place to unwind with its Old Montreal backdrop and its peaceful setting on the water. Bota Bota‘s five decks have different installations: 2 saunas, a eucalyptus steam bath, gardens, outdoor whirlpool baths, a relaxation area, and even a restaurant! All are accompanied by great views with its unique location on the water. Those on a budget can go for cheaper packages at 35$ per person, before 11:00 AM and after 7:00 PM. Whether you’re looking for a spa, mini vacation, or major relaxation, Bota Bota can deliver whatever you and your date are craving.

11. Take an Old Montreal Food Tour!

old mtl romantic things to do

The Old Montreal Food Tour is your best friend when it comes to finding a great date idea. The 3 hour walking food tour brings you to 6 food stops, which will give you and your date plenty to savour and talk about! You’ll discover the city’s best fish ‘n chips, some locally brewed craft beer, and tons more delicious treats. What else is that the tour focuses on culture and history too, so you can both learn as you hold hands (and maybe fall in love?) It’s really the perfect way to discover the old city. Check out the website to book your tour! localmontrealtours.com/


10. Watch a sexy movie at “Cinema l’Amour”

Romantic things to do montreal cinema

The Cinema l’amour has a large collection of sexy movies, making it the perfect spot for those looking for something a little… wild. The collection contains both porn and vintage erotic films, pretty much guarantying an interesting conversation post-film. We highly recommend you check out the vintage erotic films, even if you’re a little shy! Pro tip: be ready to encounter many colourful characters at the theatre. The Plateau’s diverse crowd gets even stranger in this place.

9. See the Biosphere light up!

romantic things to do Montreal
Photo credit: MTL 375

Montreal’s Biosphere is both a striking piece of architecture and a museum that will now light up as of December 11th! To celebrate the 375th anniversary of Montreal’s establishment, the city has added lights to many of its iconic structures. Inside this unique building, see their exhibitions that explore green technologies as well as environmental protection solutions and issues. For more information on Montreal’s Biosphere, click here. 

160 Chemin du Tour de l’isle

8. Of course, you can eat at a romantic restaurant…

romantic things to do in montreal
Photo credit: Le Serpent

I mean, you gotta eat and so does your date, right? If all you can afford is a couple candles at home, that works too. But y’know, sometimes you gotta let others do the work. Like you know, professionals? We’ve got you covered for the best restaurants in town.

Our first recommendation is Le Serpent. It’s a contemporary Italian restaurant set in an industrial-chic, renovated warehouse. The sleek design and extensive wine list makes Le Serpent the perfect place to kick-off an evening of romantic adventures.

Next is Agrikol, a Haitian cuisine restaurant who’s owners are none other than Win Butler and Régine Chassagne of Arcade fire. Stepping into the restaurant is like stepping into a restaurant in Port-au-Prince. The theme is a bit botanical and very quirky with an original painting on the staircase wall. Try their cocktails and flavourful dishes with your date, and you’re in for a good night!

If you’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan-friendly place, LOV in Old Montreal is the perfect fit. This recently-opened restaurant is warm, sleek and inviting, with a menu of organic produce that completely animal free. If you’re looking to fall in love, then head to LOV!

If you need more selection then impress your date, choose from our list of 24 highly recommended new Montreal restaurants here. 

7. Visit the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art’s exposition on Leonard Cohen

romantic things to do Montreal
Photo credit: Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

Remember one of the most romantic poets and songwriters together at Montreal’s Museum of Contemporary Art. This gifted Montrealer, who passed away in 2016, is well known for having written truly beautiful songs; including some of the greatest love songs. Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything explores the themes that inspired the songwriter’s work and and the legacy he leaves behind. Head to the MAC for an afternoon of discovering and remembering this Montreal legend.

Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything (Present- April 9th, 2018)

185 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

6. Take a lesson in tea tasting together at Camellia Sinensis… aw!

romantic things to do
Photo credit: Camellia Sinensis

Camellia Sinensis Tea House is renown for their top quality, privately imported teas. Escape to their chambers for a traditional experience, taking the time to choose from their wide selection with your beau. But here’s a secret: Camelia Sinensis also has a Tea School! They’ll be giving workshops such as “Tea and Scotch”, “Teas and Chocolate, Gourmet Combinations”, and others that every tea lover or admirer will enjoy. At 30$ to 50$ a pop and 2h in length, this original date idea is a life saver for those out of ideas but wishing to impress!

5. Bunker up together in Montreal’s House of Jazz

romantic things to do Montreal
Photo credit: House of Jazz

Spend an evening taking in some terrific jazz acts at Montreal’s famous House of Jazz. This bumping joint is as cozy as it is classy with wood panelled walls, tufted couches and brass instruments decorating the walls. Let the band set the mood while you enjoy a delicious steak dinner and other classic American fares. If jazz and romantic ambiance is what you’re looking for, be sure to make a reservation here.

2060 Aylmer St

4. Take the Mile-End Montreal Food Tour

quoi faire à montréal - bagels st-viateur

The Mile-End Food Tour is a great activity for a date with someone new, or for a couple looking to experience something different. Learn about the most artistic district in Canada and eat some great local and healthy products. Bask in each other’s romantic gaze, savouring quality ingredients, talking about food, and learning about each other’s preferences. Make a reservation and find out more here. 

3. Visit Montreal’s Botanical Garden

romantic things to do Montreal
Photo credit: MTL Blog

Montreal’s Botanical Garden is one of the world’s most beautiful botanical gardens. It’s home to 22,000 plants species, trees and flowers, making a walk through here a feast for the eyes. Get lost with your loved one and see the sculptures, fountains, waterfall, and wildlife. It’s the most romantic place to take your date during the day, especially if you like to bask in the sun and birdwatch.

2. Stay at the luxurious William Grey hotel

Photo credit: Hotel William Grey

This new hotel in Old Montreal is an essential place to treat your date to the finer things. The William Grey Hotel offers five star amenities and hospitality. The view from the hotel is spectacular, especially when dining on their rooftop terrace. Their upscale grill restaurant, Maggie Oaks, has become a popular place for Montreal locals and travelers alike. The rooms are beautifully designed for optimal comfort and luxury. Coming soon is their luxury spa and outdoor pool!

1. Go on a coffee shop hop in the Plateau!

romantic things to do Montreal
Photo credit: Tom van der Linden
romantic things to do Montreal
Photo credit: Tastet.ca

If you’ve ever enjoyed a night of bar hopping, well why not spend a cold winter’s day cafe hopping? Break up your walk through Montreal’s snowy streets with a warm cup of decadent hot chocolate or a strong shot of espresso at some of the Plateau’s best coffee joints. Start off on Mount-Royal Avenue at Cafe Plume; a cute little spot known for their delicious lattes and yummy breakfast options. Then, make your way down to Dispatch on Saint-Laurent: a bright and modern cafe serving up artisanal espresso and other delights. Next, head to Cafe Neve; a casual spot for a pastry and killer mocha latte. Finally, finish off your cafe exploration at Cafe Nocturne; a chic little espresso bar.

Cafe Plume: 123 Mont-Royal Ave W

Cafe Dispatch: 4021 Blvd. St. Laurent

Cafe Neve: 151 Rue Rachel E

Cafe Nocturne: 19 Prince Arthur St W