Enjoy Old Montreal's Best Food Tour.

Old Montreal Restaurants

Old Montreal is an amazing place to spend an evening, an afternoon, or even a morning. Notable restaurants to discover, stunning architecture, and a nice post-meal walk along the water is always available for dessert. Take a look at our pick of top restaurants in the area to help you plan your time in Canada’s mini-Europe.

14. The Old Montreal Food Tour

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Ok, wait up… before you pick one single restaurant, you might want to consider the Old Montreal Food Tour, which stops at not one but six restaurants! It’s designed for foodies, so you can discover the district’s history and culture while enjoying some of the best food the city has to offer. Learn about the city of Montreal, its food, and its people on this awesome 3 hour walking tour. Check it out: http://localmontrealtours.com/food-tours/old-montreal-food-tour/

13. Stash Cafe

Old Montreal Restaurants Stash Cafe
Photo credit: Urban Spoon
Old Montreal Restaurants Stash Cafe
Photo credit: Urban Spoon

Stash Cafe is one of the longest standing restaurants in Old Montreal: 40 years! Opened by a reporter for the Montreal Gazette as a hangout spot for his friends, this rustic nest serves up  the best traditional Polish food in town. It’s interior is cozy and homey, and its food is just as comforting. You’re in for a pierogi paradise and borscht to boot! Many celebrities make a pit stop here while filming movies in Old Montreal, in case you need an endorsement. Po szklanie i na rusztowanie!


Price index: $$
Address: 200 Rue Saint Paul Ouest, Montréal, QC H2Y 1Z9
Phone number: (514) 845-6611

12. Santos Tapas Bar

Photo credit: Santos Tapas Bar
Photo credit: Santos Tapas Bar

Santos is a tapas bar with a mission to “feed and amuse.” The restaurant serves traditional Spanish food within a lively atmosphere. Sip on one of their creative cocktails, wine, or sangria while bumping to the tunes of the live DJ every night. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday, however, their Tuesday Ladies Night is not to be missed. From 6-10pm, ladies can spend 25$ on tapas and enjoy free drinks! Choose from tapas like beef and fish tacos and fried calamari to pair with a cocktail. If you’re looking for an exciting night out that features great food, Santos is the place for you!


Price index: $$
Address: 191 Rue Saint-Paul O
Phone number:  (514) 849-8881

11. Bocata

Old Montreal Restaurants Bocata
Photo credit: Gourmand Girls

Bocata’s cavern-like romantic atmosphere transports you to a magical place, where the food is good and the ingredients are quality. The small French restaurant is recognized as having the best paella around. It takes top place for date night spot not only because of its impressive meat and seafood menu, but because its medieval-looking portraits and exposed bottles evoke the feeling that you’ve crawled into a king’s wine cellar, for real. At Bocata, the friendly staff updates you on exactly where your ingredients are from, so you can enjoy the full story on exquisite items like the evening’s lobster or goat cheese.


Price index: $$$
Address: 310 Rue Saint Paul Ouest
Phone number: (514) 507-8727

10. Modavie

Old Montreal Restaurants Modavie
Photo credit: Modavie

A whimsical jazz bistro on St-Paul street, Modavie hosts live musical acts 7 nights a week. Known for their welcoming staff and fair prices, at Modavie you can enjoy decadent dishes such as duck, specialty poutine, and warm goat cheese. They also boast an extensive list of wines to pair with delicious meats like their rack of lamb with a sesame crust. Yum! Perk: reservations can easily be made on their website.


Price index: $$$
Address: 1 Rue Saint Paul Ouest
Phone number: (514) 287-9582

9. Brit and Chips

Photo credit: Brit & Chips
Photo credit: @thatpaleginger

Brit ‘n Chips, one of the only spots to get fish ‘n chips in Montreal, is a win win win kind of place. Fresh fish, friendly staff, and different flavoured batters to choose from… this trendy and unlikely food spot is a must. The restaurant’s menu was created by a group of Montrealers with a passion for English cuisine who traveled throughout England in search of the perfect recipes to bring home. A great pick for lunch, or to grab a bite and a beer, even visitors from the UK have been known to approve of this spot!


Price index: $$
Address: 433 McGill St
Phone number: 514-840-1001

8. La Champagnerie

Photo credit: La Champagnerie
Photo credit: La Champagnerie

This new kid on the block comes with something different: the biggest champagne list you’ve (probably) ever seen! Montreal’s first and only champagne bar lets you pop the bottle right at your table, making it perfect for any celebration. Their menu is, of course, a list of perfect champagne pairings that changes regularly based on what the chef is inspired by and the availability of local produce. What might you find on this menu? Try some grilled octopus, their tuna with tabouleh dish, or their braised wild boar shank with sweet and sour, creamy polenta!

Price index: $$$
Address: 343 Saint-Paul E.
Phone number: 514-903-9343


7. LOV


Photo credit: LOV

It’s easy to fall in love with LOV the second you walk in. The botanical garden theme is bright and inviting, each table is adorned with a terrarium, and charming wooden wicker seats hang from the ceiling. LOV (Local, Organic, Vegetarian) brings fine cuisine to vegan and vegetarian dishes. Try the kale mac and cheese entrée made with casarecce pasta and a squash cheese sauce. Take a look at their list of organic wine and beer or sip one of their zesty botanical cocktails. For vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike, you’re sure to find something to tickle your tastebuds at LOV.


Price index: $$
Address: 464 rue McGill
Phone number: (438) 387-1326


6. Garde Manger

Old Montreal Restaurants Garde Manger
Photo credit: Garde Manger
Old Montreal Restaurants Garde Manger
Photo credit: Garde Manger

Celebrity chef Chuck Hughes is the mind behind this trendy pièce de résistance. Locals love it for its innovative yet simple food and vibrant atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy a nice twist on a Quebec classic, poutine…a lobster poutine! Choose a delicious dish from their chalkboard menu like the hanger steak with corn custard and bone marrow. A popular “must try” among visitors, you can either try your luck to sit at a bar, or go the safe route and make a reservation (minimum of 1 month in advance).


Price index: $$$$
Address: 408 Rue Saint François Xavier,
Phone number: 514-678-5044

5. Les 400 Coups

Old Montreal Restaurants Les 400 Coups

Old Montreal Restaurants Les 400 Coups
Photo credit: Baby Hedge Hogs

Film buffs may recognize this eatery’s name from Francois Truffaut’s iconic film Les 400 Coups. It so follows that it serves delicious French cuisine. Chef Jonathan Rassi has a passion for discovering new market food products. Take the Kohlrabi dish, for example. This dish features kohlrabi, watermelon radish, pink turnip, joi choy and miso. Not easy on the wallet, but truly worth the splurge, Les 400 Coups is fine dining at its best. High ceilings, imaginative food, exceptional service, and desserts like no other, they’ve mastered the craft of providing patrons with a special night out.


Price index:$$$$
Address: 400 Rue Notre-Dame E
Phone Number: 514-985-0400


5. Le Bremner

Photo credit: Le Bremner

Set in a cosy basement locale, Le Bremner is a upscale seafood restaurant from TV food personality Chuck Hughes and Top Chef Canada finalist Danny Smiles. The outside is unassuming–only the word restaurant appears above the door. However, once inside, you’re greeted by a lovely aroma wafting from the plates and and a comfortable yet classy decor. The short menu offers a selection of fish from halibut to lobster, meats, and vegetables. Making a reservation is recommended if you want a table at this bustling restaurant. 


Price index: $$$
Address: 361 Rue Saint Paul
Phone number: (514) 544-0446

4. Le Serpent

Photo credit: Le Serpent

Don’t let the name Old Montreal fool you, Le Serpent is a newly-opened sleek and modern restaurant that attracts an urban-chic crowd. Even with the huge windows and high ceilings that characterize this converted warehouse, the restaurant isn’t too noisy for an intimate conversation. The selection of fine Italian classics are as full-flavoured as they are comforting. The toughest decision of the night will be to choose between their delicious list of pasta, risotto, seafood and meat. The wine menu, which has options for purchasing by the glass, is an impressive inventory of reasonably-priced bottles, many of which are rare finds. If you’re celebrating a special occasion or just feeling fancy, slither no further than Le Serpent!


Price index: $$$$
Address: 257 Rue Prince
Phone Number: (514) 316-4666

3. Olive et Gourmando

Old Montreal Restaurants Olive and Gourmando
Photo credit: MTL Food Pics

Olive et Gourmando… the place where sandwiches feel like gourmet fair, without actually being all that fancy. They’re just downright scrumptious and made with equal parts love and quality ingredients. Locals and visitors alike flock to this spot for breakfast, brunch and lunch, every day of the week. It’s one of the more… in and out options of the Old Montreal restaurants, letting you enjoy top notch food in a more casual atmosphere. Beware, week-ends get awfully crowded!


Price index: $
Address: 351 St-Paul W.
Phone number: 514-350-1083

2. Toqué!

Old Montreal Restaurants Toque
Old Montreal Restaurants Toque
Photo credit: Dominique Malaterre

Montreals Toqué! was ranked as the number 1 restaurant in Canada by a panel of chefs, critics and diners, and not without good reason. As you may have noticed from the pictures, its dishes are a legitimate work of art! Chef Normand Laprise only serves-up the freshest market ingredients and puts special emphasis on local Quebec products. Begin by savouring their renown first course creations like the duck confit and foie gras tortellini. The main courses range from gastronomic delights like cavatelli pasta with arugula and shiitake mushrooms to suckling pig loin. Sink your spoons into their decadent iced raspberry parfait for dessert. Come here to experience world class culinary talent that’ll amaze both your eyes and your tastebuds. Perfect for those seeking a creative, innovative, and a gastronomic experience.

Price index: $$$$
Address: 900 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle
Phone number: 514-499-2084

1. Le Club Chasse et Pêche

Old Montreal Restaurants Le Club Chasse et Peche
Old Montreal Restaurants Le Club Chasse et Peche
Photo credit: Jen Chan

Like only a hunter or fisherman’s pride can produce, the dishes here exude respect for their ingredients and showcase the simple flavours nature has to offer. Le Club Chasse et Pêche offers a comfortably chic fine dining experience with a contemporary menu. Try the highly appraised duck magret topped with sunchoke, blackberries and wildflowers honey. Expect attentive service from a staff that knows the predominantly French wine list like the back of their hand. Definitely don’t skip their dazzling dessert menu because the caramel and milk chocolate tart with dark chocolate sorbet has been raved about time and time again. If you’ve been hunting for a true sensory dining experience, then look no further than this Quebec classic. 


Price index: $$$
Address: 423 St-Claude street
Phone number: 514-861-1112

BONUS: Maison Christian Faure

Old Montreal Restoraunts Christian Faure
Photo credit: Vladimir Antaki

If you chose to forgo dessert at one of the aforementioned Old Montreal restaurants, there’s no need to let that regret sink in just yet. Maison Christian Faure is what you might call a hidden gem. Once you’ve found its inconspicuous location, you can gawk at succulent creations and then order to your little heart’s content. The “hunt” for this secret sweet spot is totally worth it: every pastry outdoes every other pastry you’ve ever had. Enter this treasure chest of golden pastries just for the chance to enjoy its delicacies in its calming and beautiful atmosphere. You can also take your pastry to go and stroll along Old Montreal’s beautiful waterfront.
Price index: $$
Address: 355 Place Royale
Phone number: 514-508-6453