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Shopping in Montreal: 16 Unique Clothing Boutiques

Shopping in Montreal: Montreal is one of the trendiest cities in Canada. Its streets are filled with beautiful, fashionable people. With thousands of boutiques to choose from, where to begin your shopping journey? Here are a list of the top quaint, trendy, and hip boutiques that scream the Montreal style. Here are 12 great clothing boutiques in Montreal we selected:

16. Tozzi for Men

Tozzi is an upscale menswear boutique that opened in the Fall of 2010. They have the latest and most tasteful picks for your wardrobe. The shop is very minimalist and located on Crescent, bordered by magnificent architecture. 

shopping in montreal boutique tozzi


15. Boutique Unicorn

Boutique Unicorn opened up in 2008 and is situated in the Mile End district of Montreal. The shop sells women’s clothes, shoes and jewellery from independent designers and local, national, and international brands. They sell very hip, tasteful, and classy items. Make sure to check out their online inspiration blog here.

Shopping in Montreal
Photo credit: Unicorn

14. La Gaillarde

La Gaillarde is a non-profit eco-fashion boutique located in the neighbourhood of Saint-Henri in Montreal. Officially opened in 2000, they carry a large range of recycled and organic designs, vintage clothing and accessories for both men and women. La Gaillarde also offers sewing lessons and organizes monthly events!

shopping in Montreal
Photo credit: Matt Ayotte Photo

13. Citizens Vintage

Citizen Vintage is an independently owned vintage clothing boutique located on Boulevard Saint Laurent. Its owners Rebecca and Lara, select each piece focusing on quality and current trends. Their pieces end up reflecting classic, timeless styles for both men and women, that slip seamlessly into a modern wardrobe! 

shopping in Monteal
Photo credit: Ariana Molly Art + Photography

12. 1861

Inspired by vintage clothing, 1861 is a glamorous boutique that offers affordable girlie clothes, paying specific attention to dresses! The shop is owned by young entrepreneur, Castle Ho, who inspires herself from the Marie-Antoinette-type style. The store is decked out with ornate tables, vintage suitcases, and of course fabulous finds.

shopping in montreal
Photo credit: 1891

11. M0851

A balance between charm and functionality have always been at the heart of M0851. With a total of 22 stores located all around the world, its products are entirely conceived and crafted in Montreal. They have three locations in town on: De Maisonneuve, St. Laurent, and St. Catherine’s street.  shopping in montreal m0851

10. Frank & Oak

Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani, co-founders of Frank & Oak, both grew up together in Montreal. They opened the store with the mission of helping a generation of men dress and live well at reasonable prices. They’ve now introduced women’s clothing as well!

shopping in Montreal
Photo credit: Frank + Oak

9. La Petite Garçonne

From the creators of boutique 1891 comes La Petite Garçonne, a boutique that’s rooted in simplicity. Their clothing is casually sophisticated for the modern woman with styles drawn from Parisian fashion at the turn of the last century. For quintessential feminine elegance, visit La Petite Garçonne on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. 

Shopping in Montreal
Photo credit: La Petite Garçonne

8. Betina Lou

Opened in 2009 by Montreal designer Marie-Eve Emond, Bentina Lou offers timeless, feminine apparel that is easy-to-wear. It blends classic and modern design to provide wardrobe staples. Lots of neutral colours, subtle patterns and versatile garments! Head to 6510 Henri Julien Ave. 

shopping in Montreal
Photo credit: Betina Lou

7. Mile End Food Tour

The Mile End Food Tour takes you on a walking tour of Montreal’s hippest neighbourhood. The Mile End is home to some of Montreal’s best small boutiques that offer locally made and artisanal goods from food to clothing. This tour stops at the delicious chocolate shop, Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois, where you’ll have an opportunity to sample their chocolate and hot chocolate. Another stop is the Boucherie Lawrence that has a myriad of products from Quebec producers, everything from jams, candles, and organic, free range meats. Let the Mile End Food tour guide you through your shopping experience!

Photo credit: Local Montreal Tours
shopping in Montreal
Photo credit: Montreal Local Tours

6. Off The Hook 

First opened in 1999, OTH is an independent retailer with a mission is to showcase and celebrate the downtown culture of Montreal. OTH has continually collaborated with the best creative minds in photography, music, sports and fashion from within Montréal and other urban centres around the world.

shopping in Montreal
Photo credit: Off the Hook

5. Empire Exchange

From vintage to new, Empire Exchange has a huge selection of clothing and products. They carry local Montreal designers and artists’ products, accessories, and other creations. They also offer a selection of beautiful stationary, mugs, soaps, and other fun things! They accept exchanges, cash, and store credit on their vintage items. 

Shopping in Montreal
Photo credit: Empire Exchange

4. La Montréalaise Atelier

Designer Sabrina Barilà started La Montréalaise Atelier in hopes of creating a clothing line that represented the identity of Montrealers. Items are well cut, practical, and unique. They offer excellent basics!

shopping in montreal - la montréalaise atelier

3. Très Chic

Très Chic’s collection of designer dresses and gowns make every customer feel sophisticated and elegant. Their collection could have been pulled from the runway or red carpet. Their dresses will stand out at any event or party, without a doubt and without breaking your bank.

Shopping in Montreal
Photo credit: Très Chic

2. Clark Street and Mercantile

Clark Street Mercantile carries items that have been meticulously scrutinized and handpicked. All the brands they have in stock have a history and quality go their own. Their focus is on craftsmanship and on things that are built to last.

shopping in montreal - clark street mercentile

1. Annex Vintage

Annex Vintage is a vintage clothing shop in Montreal’s trendy Mile End. They stock a large and changing inventory of vintage clothes, leather bags, boots, shoes, jewellery, and accessories for both men and women!

Shopping in Montreal
Photo credit: Annex Vintage