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A List of the Must-Visit Mile End Restaurants

Mile End’s hipdom begins somewhere between its bagel wars and its latte wars, both found on St-Viateur street. It then spreads through street art paste-ups, cute spray-painted quotes (such as “welcome home”), and inevitably, the latest ironic streetwear. The Mile End community vibes are indeed held together by these visual treats and iconic establishments, but as with all communities, its restaurants are what bring (and arguably keep) the people together. Whether you’re visiting this lively district for the first time, or simply looking to experience its amazing foodie scene, here are 13 Mile End eateries you simply can’t miss.

13. Magpie

Mile end restaurants
Photo credit: Magpie

This Montreal based, Brooklyn-style pizzeria is right where it belongs, in Montreal’s trendiest district. A wood oven burns, crisping the semi-thin crusts to perfection. Magpie‘s decor is classic and artsy without too many frills: tables dance under dim lighting, inviting cool conversation, budding friendship rendez-vous, and sparks of romance. All fluff aside, Magpie’s pizza is considered by many locals as being some of the best pie in the city. A small, frequently updated menu holds all the essentials: generous toppings, inventive combinations, a Margherita to die for, and excellent tomato sauce. A definite must-try for the pizza dreamers out there.

16 Maguire
Tuesday – Friday: 11:30am – 3pm and 5:30pm – 11pm
Saturday: 5:30pm – 11pm
Sunday: 5:30pm – 10pm

(514) 507-2900

12. Butterblume

Mile end restaurants
Photo credit: Jessica Hargrove

German for buttercup, Butterblume is exactly what you’d expect of a resto-café by its name: pretty dishes, artisanal pastries, flowers, an Instagrammable decor… it’s basically a breath of fresh garden air in eatery form. The food is just as breezy: pretzel BLT (whaaa!?), zucchini, ricotta and duck tart, along with many flowery dessert options for your sweet tooth. It’s well worth the trip to this new Mile End cafégarden. You might even leave with a few decor ideas!

5836 St-Laurent
Tuesday – Friday: 8am – 4pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 4pm

(514) 903-9115

11. Maïs

mile end restaurants
Photo credit: Restaurant Mais

Maïs isn’t your 99 cent taco from a nearby Mexican restaurant chain. This casual eatery is of fine-dining quality and set in a festive atmosphere. At the core of Maïs’ kitchen are fresh and local ingredients (whenever possible), making every bite ethical and delicious. The drinks give you a bang for your buck too, so don’t hesitate to get a cocktail. Tacos range from vegetarian options like cheese, salsa and jalapeno to a pescatarian variety of fish, avocado, and fermented cabbage. Meat lovers will also love the mandatory porc variety, of course. You can also order a whole fish, but must do so 24h in advance. Be sure to make a reservation because this place fills up fast!

5439 St-Laurent
Monday – Wednesday: 5pm – 11pm
Thursday – Saturday: 5pm – 12am

(514) 507-7740

10. La Petite Maison

Mile end restaurants
Photo credit: Restaurant La Petite Maison

With a decor that manages to be classic and cute at the same time, La Petite Maison is an invitation into the culinarily world of Danny St-Pierre, a Quebecois celebrity chef acclaimed for his “inverted poutine”. Yes, a poutine where curds and gravy manage to reside inside the potato. La Petite Maison’s layout is much like a house, too: the dining room is in fact a few smaller rooms, upping the intimate and familiar dining vibes. Try the decadent brunch, or the winning 20$ lunch table d’hôte, or a swanky dinner date. Meals here are all convincing by their ingredients alone: mushroom risotto, gnocchi, chocolate chip pancakes, beef tartar, fish of the day…oh what’s that? Ready to make a reservation? Us too.

5589 Parc avenue
Thurs – Fri: 5pm to 10pm
Sat – Sun: 9am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm

(514) 303-1900

9. Drogheria Fine + Kem Coba

mile end restaurants
Photo credit: LaPresse

Who needs a sit down experience when the Mile End has some of the best mom&pop food in town? For dinner, head to Drogheria Fine on Fairmount street. It’s a tiny Italian store that serves the best homemade gnocchi in a delicious and freshly prepared tomato sauce. The tomato sauce recipe was brought over from the south of Italy by the store owner’s mother, and it’s nothing like you’ve ever been able to make at home. Using only the simplest of ingredients–tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt and pepper–Drogheria Fine manages to get the best flavour out of every crushed tomato. For 5 dollars, you can get a box of their hot, fresh gnocchi, and savour it on the short walk to Kem Coba for dessert.

Kem Coba‘s ice cream and sorbet is famous all around Montreal. Their artisanal soft ice cream, with a rotating roster of new flavours, is made without any artificial flavours or preservatives. Finish your dining night out with a cone of cold creative goodness!

8. Pier 66

Mile End Restaurants
Photo credit: Le Pier 66

Though it opened only a few months ago, Le Pier 66 has rapidly become a local favourite. It’s best thought of as the Mile End’s seafood paradise, a place where one comes to get only the freshest fish and produce available, while being served by friendly local staff. The decor is best described as classy rustic– fine dishware, a kitschy life-sized fish on the wall, wooden chairs, and exposed wine bottles. Sea urchin, lobster Caesar salad, and roasted salmon with bacon are but a few of the comforting options.

361 Bernard West
Lunch: Tuesday-Friday 12PM-2:30PM

Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday 5:30 – 10PM

(514) 903-6696

7. Dieu Du Ciel

mile end restaurants
Photo credit: Dieux du Ciel

Okay, I’ll be straight up:  Dieu Du Ciel isn’t exactly a restaurant. But you know what? It’s been voted Canada’s best brewery 10 years running by ratebeer.com, and their beers win awards year after year. The menu here is of the quintessentially brewpub variety, featuring flatbreads and charcuteries. While they haven’t won any awards yet, they’re still scrumptious delights. Enjoy these savoury bites in between their famous brews, like the Péché Mortel, the Aphrodisiaque, and many others. Come here for a solid 5 à 7 snack or lunch, and rate the beer for yourself!

29 Laurier W.
Monday – Thursday: 11AM – 2AM
Friday 11:30AM – 3AM
Saturday – Sunday: 1PM – 3AM

(514) 507-7740

6. Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins

mile end restaurants
Photo credit: ameliebilodeau.com

Oh boy. Are you in for a treat. Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins is kind of like that restaurant you dream of when you’re young and living off ramen. You know the dream, the one where you go when I’m done this degree I’ll be able to afford insanely delicious food in a super cool but not too cool place. Don’t worry though, Comptoir doesn’t discriminate– even those working on their degree can afford to treat themselves here. Dishes are inventive and seasonal: roasted beet salad with apples and goat cheese, salmon, lobster tart.. making for returning patrons. Other favourites include the sweet breads, the octopus, and of course their charcuterie platter. Treat yourself by pairing these dishes with something from their gem-filled wine menu. Sit at the bar, enjoy the open-kitchen concept, and savour the night away.

4807 St-Laurent blvd.
Sunday-Wednesday 6PM-10PM
Thursday – Saturday 6PM- 12AM
Saturday and Sunday have additional brunch service from 10am to 2pm

(514) 844-8467

5. Larry’s

Mile end restaurants
Photo credit: querelles.ca

Café, wine bar, lunch spot, brunch spot… Larry’s is the Mile End’s new neighbourhood go-to. Part of the Lawrence family, this new kid on the block consists of a more casual approach to Brit-inspired dining. A mix and match menu that allows for multiple tastings in one sitting, it caters to foodies and hungry conversationalists. Vegetarians will take refuge in their amazing stewed eggplant or creamed cabbage, while meat appreciators will enjoy fennel salami, oxtail pudding, and tons of other savoury meaty delights.

9 Fairmont Ave. East
Monday – Saturday: 8am – 1am
Sunday: 8am – 5pm

(no telephone, no reservations)

4. The Mile End Food Tour

things to do in montreal with kids
Photo credit: Montreal Local Tours

The Mile End Food Tour is a great way to learn about the district’s rich cultural history. The three hour tour includes 6 unique tasting stops where participants can sample and savour the best food of the area. During the walk, the tour guide explains the fascinating history surrounding the many ethnicities that call the Mile End home and how some of the staple boutiques, shops and restaurants came to be. Discover the ins of the neighbourhood with your local tour guide, and experience the Mile End’s culinary heritage like never before. For more information, click here. 

3. Birona Hummus Bar

Mile end restaurants
Photo credit: Birona Hummus Bar

The Mile End is the first district in Montreal to give hummus the attention it deserves. Birona Hummus Bar is the culinary lovechild of a trio of established Montreal foodies: Alon Biron (owner of ART: brgr), Thierry Rassam and Na’eem Adam (co-founders of La Poutine Week and Burger Week). Finally, Mile Enders have a place to come enjoy complex mediterranean flavours, discover a range of hummus varieties, and indulge in finger food that’s classier than a fried potato. A definite must-try if you want to be part of the city’s new buzz, or try some dishes that are good conversation-starters.

5417 St-Laurent blvd.

Mon – Tues: 11:30AM – 3:00PM
Wed: 11:30AM – 8:00PM
Thu: 11:30AM – 10:00PM
Fri – Sat: 11:30AM – 11:00PM
Sun: Closed

(438) 386-6228

2. Arts Café

mile ends restaurants
Photo credit: Arts Cafe

Arts Cafe is a neighbourhood spot featuring a charming outdoor patio (the kind with plants and pretty lights all around) set right on corner of Fairmont and Esplanade. Originally more of a rustic café spot, over the years it’s grown with the neighbourhood and evolved into a higher end eatery. The café (which is more of a restaurant) has brought its “Arts” to the kitchen, conjuring up unique creations ranging from ramen “slaw”, to chicken & waffles with mushroom gravy, quebec scallop and miso, and tons more. They’re actually widely appreciated for their brunch, but to stop there would be a shame. Morning, noon, and night, get your fill of arts, café (49th parallel), and tasty food that’s authentically Mile End.

201 Fairmont West
Monday – Friday: 9am – 10pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 4pm

(514) 274-0919

1. Le Nouveau Palais

Mile end restaurants
Photo credit: Le Nouveau Palais

Established in 1950, The New Palace is actually quite old, and we love it all the more for it. Kitschy wood panelling, classic placemats and grandma-esque dishware are all safely at home in this old school diner. In reality, it’s more of a one-of-a-kind spot than that, but the diner element gives it that accessible, low-key, unpretentious kick we all need from time to time. Resident DJ’s, long casual bar hangouts, and diner fare that’s got that foodie-twist to it, are only some of the memorable elements that’ll have you coming back for more of its unique ambiance. What’s even better is that it’s open into the early morning for those mandatory late night eats. Some of our favourites include the mac n cheese, the eggplant parmigiana, and the grilled hanger steak.

281 Bernard West
Monday: 5pm – 10:30pm
Tuesday – Wednesday: 5pm – 11:30pm
Thursday – Friday: 5pm – 3am
Saturday: 10am – 3am
Sunday: 10am – 10:30pm

(514) 273-1180